Subject Re: [ib-support] FB crash
Author Szakály Balázs

Unfortunately the problem is remain. (althougn the system performance
I try to reconfigure V4_LOCK_MEM_SIZE to too, but the problem is

The service with 8 thread is thread safe.

Because, the program ran since 2 years, i think, the program is

I change the FB, but i try the oldest FB's, then not this is the
I change the DB structure. I reduce varchar size, but no effect.
I set connectstring to localhost:... format. The performance increased,
but the problem remained.
Reconfigure V4_LOCK_MEM_SIZE, BlockBuffers, stc..

Always i get memory pool corrupted error message. And the the second
problem, that the Guardian sometimes cannot restart FB.

Always on the already specified SQL (SELECT .... with varchars) is the
FB crash.
The GDB is valid, i check it.

Any new idea? Any secret trace possibility?

Bal�zs Szak�ly

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