Subject RE: [ib-support] Re: FB crash
Author Reggie White
How come people are so quick to "jump off the handle" on the list. NG are
to help those who don't know or understand certain issues. Just like what
Andrew is going through, people will eventually stop asking question or not
understand and become frustrated with Firebird, then possible move on to
another database that will give them the help that they need.

Please remember, now that Interbase/Firebird is open source there will be
allot of new people trying to get a grasp of what they can do, can't do,
should do, shouldn't do, etc..., all we are asking for is patience's and a
little bit of your knowledge.

"Can't we all just get along?"


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> aaarggh!! NO!

:-) <Andrew pokes Helen with a stick a few more times. Hears a
ticking sound. Takes a slow, careful step backward. And another.
Then runs for his life.>

> 'windows local connection' is NOT tcp/ip, it is conceptually
equivalent to
> what used to be "direct connection" - except it is not "direct


> = IP address for tcp/ip local loopback, identified by
the "server
> name" localhost (one word). This a network-level deal. It's not
> platform-dependent and it was not invented by Microsoft or Borland.
> local loopback is a cross-platform convention.


> > method 1 creates an
> >internal windows connection (c:\folder\db.gdb)
> method 1 creates a *single* communication channel between gds32.dll
> ibserver.exe. Period. Localhost, tcp/ip, whatever, NOT involved.
> > and method 2 creates
> >the connection via TCP/IP protocol (\folder\db.gdb) ???
> or localhost:c:\folder\db.gdb

Roger that.

Can you tell I'm going to agree with you no matter what I think?
Anything to avert another Mount St Helens ;-)

Andrew <poke, poke> Ferguson.

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