Subject RE: [ib-support] Re: Corrupt Index Pages
Author Tony Mays
Reggie White is my partner. Both him and I made a decision to post this
issue descretly because it was discovered shortly after your first release.
It was of a magnitude that caused us to really way whether or not Firebird
was right for us. However, two things stuck in the back of my mind: Price
and the Multi-Dimensional Architecture. I hope you can appreciate my
honestly and our intent. I read the firebird NG everynight. Though for the
most part I am too late to help anyone because someone else has responded
appropriately so I move on.

Reggie and I are developers for a company that currently have over 16,000
customers representing some 250,000 stores across the country, Canada and
Mexico. This issue that we found dealt solely with the miltiuserness of
Firebird. If two users just happen to entered the same data a duplicate
record error is issued against the primary key. Once this error occurred
several index pages became corrupt. This issue is simply not an
'implementation issue' but a critical issue within Firebird. Now I do
understand that if Firebird is not being used in a multiuser environment,
then this is not an issue, because the error does not occur.

Please understand that our frustration is not directed at IBPhoenix or
Firebird, but it is the same frustration that all developers of smaller
companies face: to much to do, no resources and rare support. Reggie and I
both stand in that frustration everyday as we try our best to accomplish the
tasks that satisfy our customers. So I have sat here and patiently read
each of your post.

Ann, my hat is off to you and all the volunteers that have brought Firebird
this far. Our situation is now desparate as Reggie and I seek to replace a
really bad database (SQLBase) with another under the severest of
restrictions. Reggie and I have over the last three months just bounced 2-4
GB of data off of firebird under every difficult test you can imagine (well
I am sure you can imagine quite a bit). We are for the most part very happy
with our results. There are issues that I will being posting in the proper
place from this moment forward so that the rules of protocol are not
violated which I hope can at least aleviate some of the pressure that I am
sure you are under. What you are trying to accomplish is no ordinary
undertaking and it is appreciated.

I do have to say that I am disappointed in some of the responses given to my
friend seeing how the intent was to be discrete. This is a mistake that
neither of us will make with you again. We will follow Paul's advise and
dig in ... hell ... that's what we're both used to anyways. I do appreciate
and understand the defense of the product and the protocal. That being
said, both Reggie and I are eager to make difference with Firebird and our
own products.

Keep up the good work. All efforts are appreciated.

Tony Mays
Senior Engineer, CAM Commerce Solutions

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Subject: RE: [ib-support] Re: Corrupt Index Pages

Reggie, et al.,

The fault was not with IBPhoenix, but with me. I got
the materials, got the test set up on a machine on which
I can not run the debugger, realized that I'd have to
reconfigure a machine to run the test - my ordinary
development machine doesn't have enough space. The result
was that the problem got pushed aside and neglected. I
regret not getting back to you.



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