Subject Corrupt Index Pages
Author Reggie White
We found an reproducible issue with Firebird about 2 months ago that corrupt
We reported privately to the head person at IBPhoenix, they were able to
reproduce the problem, but they have since stop responding to my inquiries
about the I doubt that it will be fix.

Here is the scenario that we found:

Create a table with a Primary Key on it.
Have 2 different clients connected to the database.
create 2 scripts (1 for each client) that will insert data into the table.

(This is where the problem comes in)
In 1 of the scripts modify it so that it will create a duplicate record.

Have both clients run 1 of the scripts.

After you have ran the script and received your duplicate error, commit both

Now, from the server, run gfix -v -f -no_update. It should report corrupt
Index pages.

The corruption does not occur if the duplicate line is removed, and it does
not occur if it's only 1 user is writing to the table at a time.