Subject RE: [ib-support] FB crash
Author Daniel Rail
At 05/07/2002 02:30 PM, you wrote:
>2. Are you using the proper version of the gds client on all of the
>This is a local only system. It use DBExpress. The lastest.

Helen wasn't referring to DBExpress, but to gds32.dll. Make sure that it's
the latest version. DBExpress uses gds32.dll to connect to Firebird.

>This fields contain binary datas, that are first compress with zip, and
>encode with a specific code64 algoritm with this chars:
>const CodeList:
>I now check, that the BIN_* fields contain only this chars.

Use a BLOB of sub type 0. There might be some characters that are
generated that are not supported for the character set.

>On the DBExpress, i cannot see the connect string. Only properties:
>Interbase TransIsolation=ReadCommited

Database is the connect string.

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