Subject RE: [ib-support] Re: Corrupt Index Pages
Author Daniel Rail
At 05/08/2002 07:19 AM, you wrote:
>But we don't want to just dump money into a company without knowing their
>track record...that's not good business.
>So we "tested the waters"...
>So even if we decide now to go with another database, "I" will still try to
>get FB to a more stable place.


Just my 2 cents.

IB Phoenix is not the company behind Firebird. As Helen stated, Firebird
is unfunded and managed by volunteers, not by a company. You're not the
first one and maybe not the last one to have this misconception about IB
Phoenix and Firebird.

I can see your disagreement with IB Phoenix for not answering your
e-mail. IB Phoenix is a company offering "paid technical support" for
Firebird and Interbase, even though they have a website with technical
support information and distribute CDs of Firebird. If you notice,
Firebird's website is not the same as IB Phoenix.

Have a nice day.

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