Subject RE: [ib-support] Corrupt Index Pages
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:30 AM 08-05-02 -0700, you wrote:
>I understand everything you are saying, but when a message has been posted
>saying basically, "Hey I want to help with fixing Firebird, how can I go
>about it" (see post "Request Firebird2 Features") and no one responds
>(except for 1 thru private email several days later (because they weren't
>available to read the NG)), I start to wonder if this database will ever
>become mature.
>So back to the corrupt Index issue...
>The reason why it was NOT placed in the tracker was because I assumed by
>giving the problem to a head person at IBPhoenix and they tell me that they
>can reproduce the error, I would have thought that they would have logged it
>and put it thru the proper channels if they thought it was necessary.
>So here is your opportunity to be the bigger person and log this defect into
>the tracker.

Buddy, you have just GOT to be kidding! The onus is on YOU, if you think
you have found a bug, to log it yourself. Otherwise it just goes on being
what it is right now: a bug in your own implementation.

Just to be clear - Firebird is independent and unfunded. If someone
perceives something as a bug, someone *might* decide to look at it and, if
need be, to fix it. Or not. As a user of free software, you are as
welcome as anyone else to contribute some funds to make it worth someone's
while to focus on your problem.

I really wonder why you think you have some special right to TELL
volunteers, privately or in list mail, to do anything. One of the big
indicators of a "mature database" would be a mature community - the kind
that offers to do something instead of griping because that thing is not
done. As long as the bulk of our community thinks of Firebird as a lolly
scramble, it will stay "immature", as you put it.

If you think there is a bug, log it. If you want it discussed, raise it
firebird-devel, don't push it into someone's private email.


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