Subject Re: Corrupt Index Pages
Author csswa
Hi Reggie,

--- In ib-support@y..., "Reggie White" <reggiewhite@l...> wrote:
> And without giving away to much information, a major support
contract would
> have been purchased if it looked as though IBPhoenix showed genuine
> concern...a simple responds to my email or status report or even
a "nothing
> we are going to do about it" would have been better than nothing.
> was made aware of our major interest in Firebird and we were more
> willing to purchase a support contract for our more than 10,000

I find it hard to believe that IBPhoenix would ignore any genuine
enquiry about a support contract. I don't know them well, but I know
they are business people, and very experienced business people to
boot. Perhaps you didn't make the above circumstances clear when you
were testing the waters? Approaching IBPhoenix as a genuine
potential client and approaching them as a community IB/FB user are
two completely different scenarios. Plus, if your contact with them
was based on the bug issue then it was directed at the wrong people.
Sourceforge is the beating heart of Firebird development, not
IBPhoenix. The IBPhoenix people are there to provide support
services, not development services -- although individuals within
IBPhoenix do provide both for free to the IB/FB community in their
spare time.

And about this group: I and others have asked questions here and got
no replies, but that's expected. The point is, most do get
answered. On the flip side of the coin, some people ring Microsoft,
pay $50, and still get no answer to their problem. If I were paying
$50 to use this Yahoo group then it would be fair to expect my
questions to be answered conclusively and in good time. (Actually, I
regret mentioning any fee in connection with the groups -- the way
Yahoo is headed, it may not be far off.)

> So even if we decide now to go with another database, "I" will
still try to
> get FB to a more stable place.

I see in the group archives that for a while now you have been active
in providing help and support to fellow IB/FB users, so I guess that
means you are already part of the 'team'. I hope you decide to
continue that positive contribution, and if you push ahead with
nailing that bug of yours, even better!

Andrew Ferguson