Subject Re: Corrupt Index Pages
Author csswa
Reggie, it's simple to log a bug and it is important to follow a
standard process for doing so:

In regard to your statement that Firebird is not mature because you
have discovered a bug, no RDBMS is mature by that definition because
they all contain bugs. The significant thing is the seriousness of
the bug. Firebird has an excellent history regarding rapid response
to serious bugs -- serious bugs being those that compromise the
general use of the system.

I appreciate that the bug you discovered is serious to you and may
affect your day-to-day use of the system. However, getting mad at
one person or group is unlikely to achieve the result you want. You
might as well be yelling at the clouds the direction you want them to
follow. You must understand that open-source software is software
development guided by many, not ruled by a few.

On the other hand, I also appreciate your eagerness to get the bug
fixed. Paul has pointed out the options available (pay, wait, or
initiate the fix yourself) and now it's your decision what to do
next. I strongly urge you to get involved in FB development to
whatever extent you are able because the FB team *needs* people like
yourself who are passionate about stomping out bugs. If you are too
busy to get involved, that's okay, no big deal. But don't let an
encounter with one bug ruin your day. If the bug you discovered
stops the normal operation of your database then I'm sure the people
here can help you come up with a satisfactory workaround in the

Andrew Ferguson

--- In ib-support@y..., "Reggie White" <reggiewhite@l...> wrote:
> I understand everything you are saying, but when a message has been
> saying basically, "Hey I want to help with fixing Firebird, how can
I go
> about it" (see post "Request Firebird2 Features") and no one
> (except for 1 thru private email several days later (because they
> available to read the NG)), I start to wonder if this database will
> become mature.