Subject Mysterious page type errors
Author robbi2002de

we have errors in a Firebird V1 database: pages of wrong page type.

After gfix -mend, backup and restore we shortly again received error
messages like "ISC blah, database is corrupt", "ISC blah, wrong page
type (should 5 is 0)" in our Delphi 6 application with IBObjects 4.
I'm sure, that these errors only can result from the server, not from
the client application or the TCP network.

Theses errors are NOT reproduceable, sometimes a query brings a
result set, sometimes we get the page errors for the same query.

Is it possible, that backup and restore and a second backup and
restore are not able to repair all corrupt pages?

What can we do against these pending danger of corrupt pagetypes?

The DB file has 1 GB, we have configured 5 files with 4 KB pages,
which don't exceed 2 GB each on a RedHat 6.x Linux cluster.

Still one point: The page errors are not written to the interbase.log
file ?!, when they appear on screen. We only can read several "read
error 104" in the logfile.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestion.