Subject Can a corrupted database always be repaired by gbak and restore or not?
Author robbi2002de
From ibphoenix: KnowledgeBase Id: 46


When trying to access a database the error occurs:
Database file appears corrupt (wrong type page)
page xxxx is of wrong type (expected x, found x)


Corruption has most likely occurred in the database. There are a few
options to try, but some data may be lost. You can take steps to
salvage the data (discussed later), but a fresh database will have to
be made. A gbak of the database is not sufficient in most cases,
because suttle corruption can be propagated through a gbak backup and
4) repeat step 2 to see if the corruption was fixed

My Question:

If step 4 reports no more corruption, is this database now ok or may
there be still some "suttle corruption" like the above answer says?