Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Trigger propagation across databases
Author Entrebytes S.L.
From: "csswa" <csswa@...>

> The only way to connect to multiple databases is via your client app
> (IBConsole does this).
> I imagine what you would do here is have your client app use an event
> notification ('Programming with database events' in devguide.pdf) and
> respond accordingly -- in this case by connecting to the other dbs
> and making the required changes.

Yes , i was considering that the only alternative , with a few variations on
the catch-up of the events (SP or client app)
and marshaling them to the client app after lookup in the link-tables
records. Not a very happy design , but...

I was wondering about the use of external files as a link between databases,
but discarded the idea. Now , i would like to add in the FB2 wish-list that
: Capability to access tables in another databases in the same or not the
same server (Something like select name from host.database.table where ....)

> You're not simply talking about replication are you? If so,
> IBreplicator will handle any replication situation you care to throw
> at it.
I think it could be tricksome to mark some tables as to be replicated during
some time , some of them only in one direction , some in both , but , hey ,
i had no used replication at all. Is IBReplicator being ported - mirrored to
the FB Open Source domain? It should be big news for me. Or simply , a linux
version would be nice enought.


> Regards,
> Andrew Ferguson