Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Trigger propagation across databases
Author Daniel Rail
At 04/25/2002 04:35 AM, you wrote:
>I was wondering about the use of external files as a link between databases,
>but discarded the idea. Now , i would like to add in the FB2 wish-list that
>: Capability to access tables in another databases in the same or not the
>same server (Something like select name from host.database.table where ....)

Already been logged in as a feature request for Firebird, but the feature
list for FB 2.0 is still empty(probably the members are waiting for the
code to be cleaned up before committing features for FB 2.0). Maybe, you
can add an additional comment in the feature request(#446244) on
SourceForge, to voice your opinion on it and that you really would love the
support to be part of FB 2.0.

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