Subject Re: Trigger propagation across databases
Author Hugo Sánchez
AFAIK, it isn't possible. It seems like that you need is a replication system. Besides IBReplicator, there is also IBO_Replication_Module if you are using IBO Objects, or wait to some free projects like Fibre if you are using Firebird too.
But, if it's such a simple, you can make a Server service who watch over this event and executes the changes anywhere you want.

By the way, are you Javier Gálvez?

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>> It is possible to affect content in other databases inside a trigger ?
>From my understanding, no. Triggers, stored procedures, etc. can
>only work within the context of their own database.
>The only way to connect to multiple databases is via your client app
>(IBConsole does this).
>I imagine what you would do here is have your client app use an event
>notification ('Programming with database events' in devguide.pdf) and
>respond accordingly -- in this case by connecting to the other dbs
>and making the required changes.
>You're not simply talking about replication are you? If so,
>IBreplicator will handle any replication situation you care to throw
>at it.

>Andrew Ferguson

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>> Hi , ppl.
>> The Need : To be able to link tables of different databases so a change in a
>> table fireup a propagation of changes to the tables of the same name in
>> other databases , but only if this table is marked as "shared" , and don't
>> do it when the "shared" state changes.
>> Thanks in advance.
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