Subject Re: Trigger propagation across databases
Author csswa
> It is possible to affect content in other databases inside a
trigger ?

From my understanding, no. Triggers, stored procedures, etc. can
only work within the context of their own database.

The only way to connect to multiple databases is via your client app
(IBConsole does this).

I imagine what you would do here is have your client app use an event
notification ('Programming with database events' in devguide.pdf) and
respond accordingly -- in this case by connecting to the other dbs
and making the required changes.

You're not simply talking about replication are you? If so,
IBreplicator will handle any replication situation you care to throw
at it.

Andrew Ferguson

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> Hi , ppl.
> The Need : To be able to link tables of different databases so a
change in a
> table fireup a propagation of changes to the tables of the same
name in
> other databases , but only if this table is marked as "shared" ,
and don't
> do it when the "shared" state changes.
> Thanks in advance.
> Javi
> EntreBytes S.L.
> Ontenient , Spain
> ERP Development.