Subject Re: Using a UDF
Author csswa
--- In ib-support@y..., Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:
> an example in my earlier posting but, wotthehell, tomorrow's
another day. :-~

What's with this, Helen? You got the special DVD directors cut
edition of Gone With The Wind with all the cuss words left in? ;-)

> Str = Str1 || F_CRLF() || Str2 || F_CRLF() || Str3

Also, Dan -- I know the F_CRLF was named in error here, but a logical
naming improvement would be udf_crlf.

FWIW, my other common naming prefixes are T_ (table), V_ (view), DOM_
(domain), TR_ (trigger), SP_ (stored procedure)... etc. For suffixes
there is _PK (primary key) and _FK (foreign key), not forgetting
their neglected cousins _PK_SMALL and _FK_SMALL (shortints). I
suspect this is pretty common in naming convention. Shout me down if
I'm doing anything too weird, people.

As for field names, I might get some flack for this, but I have
meaningful fieldnames, too. If the table is called HISTORY, then the
fields are things like HIST_CUST_FK, HIST_CONTACT_FK, HIST_ACTION,
HIST_COMPLETED_ON... yes, I like to see how close I can get the the
naming limit, which I think is a little over 30 characters (???). I
do try to limit the table prefix code to four chars, though. Makes
for chunky sql but very readable, and I'm sure I will be popular with
whoever inherits the db after I'm gone.

Andrew Ferguson