Subject Re: Which non-IB SQL dialect most resembles IB/FB SQL?
Author csswa
--- In ib-support@y..., "gdwz99" <gdwz@c...> wrote:
> I'm using Visiomodeler to generate a rather complex Firebird
database. Unfo=
> rtunately Visiomodeler does not directly support IB/FB. But it does
support =
> the following DBMSes and can generate SQL statements to create the
DB and ta=
> bles in their own dialects:

Ah-ha! But it does to a degree! I downloaded it and had a quick
play (thanks for the link).

The program has the ability to map to any ODBC drivers. So, with
INTERSOLV's odbc interbase driver installed, you can select that as
the default driver when building your tables. From what I played
with, you can then map visiomodeller's fields to the correct IB
fieldtype for metadata generation ('show physical data types' in
column properties). I could be wrong here, but that's what it looked
like from my quick play. Check it out at least. I will tinker more,
too. It's a cool little prog and if it does map easily to IB for
metadata generation, wow, very useful -- I'm up to 1300 lines of hand
coded metadata for my current project, about half complete.

Andrew Ferguson