Subject Using a UDF
Author GreatDayDan
Good Morning!

Previously, I had asked about appending a CR/LF to
a string. Helen Borrie answered that I need to use the
Character() function of FreeUDFlib.

Now I am trying to do that. I have created a UDF in
my db (Ascii_To_Char) that takes an Integer and
returns the character as Char(1). I told it that the
library is FreeUFDLib (and have a copy of it in the
bin folder) and that the entry point is Character. The
new UDF compiled.

When I try to use Ascii_To_Char in my sp, the
compiler complains that Ascii_To_Char is undefined.

This is the same kind of problem I have had before
when trying to use a UDF.

Can someone tell me which magic incantations I have
to use to get a UDF to work?


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