Subject Re: [ib-support] Group By Month, Day, Year etc...
A possible little different solution might be

1. Modify your table add MyMonth Integer;
2. Create before and before update triggers for your table
both with
if (New.MyDate is not Null)then
New.MyMonth = Extract(Month from New.MyDate);
3. Now you can generate your monthly summaries using
select sum(money),MyMonth from Table
group by MyMonth
order by MyMonth;


lfeliz wrote:
> I amusing Firebird 1. I need to create a query that generates
> summary totals by month. I had been using EXTRACT w/Month and
> getting all detail and calc'ing summary using my app, but I want the
> server to do the work. Is there a UDF that does data stuff so I can
> take advantage of the GRP-By UDF in FB 1.0.
> Thanks
> - Lou
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