Subject Re: [ib-support] Inserting a Blob from within a stored procedure
Author Doug Chamberlin
At 03/28/2002 07:38 PM (Thursday), GreatDayDan wrote:
>Good Morning!
> The app uses BDE, but I want to do this from within
>the sp compliled into the db.
> It will be just text but the field is already
>defined as Blob Sub_Type 0 and cannot be changed.
> I will be building a string list to put in the blob
> Thanks...Dan'l

I guess I just don't get what you mean.

If you have a string list in your client app I don't understand how or why
you want to use a stored procedure to fill the blob. It is rather
straightforward to use a TQuery to move the data from the string list into
a record. The stored procedure just gets in the way, no?