Subject Inserting a Blob from within a stored procedure
Author greatdaydan
Good Morning!

I am using FB RC2 (I will be upgrading to V 1.0 soon) and Win NT
SP 6a.

I have a table (PP) with a field (Notes) defined as Blob Sub_Type
0. I also have a sp that inserts records to this table. I want to put
some text in the blob field. The client program (written in D4) uses
tables (I know! But that is for a later upgrade) simply posts any
data, including the blob data.

What do I need to do, in the sp, to add data to the blob field?
Use the API calls? How? Do I need to create the string first, then
add it to the blob, then use the blob_id as the value for the Notes
field? Is this done with a cursor?

Can you give me or point me to an example (preferbly in Delphi)?