Subject Re: [ib-support] Multiple Company Data in 1 Database
Author Lista de Discução Interbase
Hi Damian,

I have an application that can be opened twice (or how many times the user
wants, I can pass an argument in the command line to choose the database,
or you could ask it in the login dialog, I think you can use this approach
the user can open twice an application each one connect to some company data.

I think you could have an dialog in your application something like
"Options" in this dialog the user could choose from waht company he wants
the data, when you create a form to search (or enter data) you save this
"company ID" as a local variable (or better a property) so this form is
"attached" to one company data, every form opened use this "Option" as
default company, as soon the user want to view other's company data, he
changes this option (could be an combo at status bar), then the forms
opened after this choice are linked to other's company data.

Sorry for my bad English I hope I coud explain what I am thinking about.

see you

At 09:19 28/03/02 +0000, you wrote:
>Thanks nearly there, i would like as well, to allow a user to login several
>times. At the moment i cannot think how to achieve this without a
>Current_Session global field, perhaps it is something to add to Firebird 2?
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