Subject Re: [ib-support] Group By Month, Day, Year etc...
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
""lfeliz"" <lfeliz@...> wrote in message
> I amusing Firebird 1. I need to create a query that generates
> summary totals by month. I had been using EXTRACT w/Month and
> getting all detail and calc'ing summary using my app, but I want the
> server to do the work. Is there a UDF that does data stuff so I can
> take advantage of the GRP-By UDF in FB 1.0.

Create a view that does the extract calls then group by that view. All boils
down to FB not accepting
group by number (non-standard SQL extension)
but not accepting either
group by field_alias.

The view overcomes those problems. It provides named fields (aliases) for
your expressions. Extract() creates an expression-based field.

Otherwise, use triggers to pre-calculate your month, it will be faster when
you do the select and you can index that field if you find that it's faster
with an index to group records.

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