Subject TIBOQuery
Hello Jason,

Run into interesting problem.

A Create Table LookUp (cTyp Char not Null, cName VarChar(20) no Null,
Primary Key (cType,cName)
set as ReadOnly in TIBOTable and Opened with
'Select cName from Lookup where cType = :cType'
works greate in a DBLookUpCombo

However the moment I close,prepare,select another value for cType
selection, open, I get the message
'Multiple Rows in singleton select'
'Check Keylinks + JoinLinks properties'

Due too Primary Key restraints, Multiple row with same cType can't
exists :)

Keylink, Autodefine only picks up cName ..

Only after changing the Query to
'Select * from Lookup where cType = :cType' does IBO
pickup cType + cName as Keylink and the Lookup table
works correct multiple reopens with different values
for :cType.

Why does TIBOtable needs Keylinks on new ReadOnly Query and if so,
why do the keylinks have to be part of the selected fields on
a ReadOnly Query?

Is this by design or may have stumbled on a difficulty ?

Best Regards