Subject Re: [ib-support] TIBOQuery
Author Jason Wharton
It seems as though you have stumbled upon a difficulty.
You are doing things that require the PK columns be in the dataset and are
taking them away.
Rule of thumb, include your primary key columns in your select list.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

<hans@...> wrote in message news:3CA27DD4.5F05@......
> Hello Jason,
> Run into interesting problem.
> A Create Table LookUp (cTyp Char not Null, cName VarChar(20) no Null,
> Primary Key (cType,cName)
> set as ReadOnly in TIBOTable and Opened with
> 'Select cName from Lookup where cType = :cType'
> works greate in a DBLookUpCombo
> However the moment I close,prepare,select another value for cType
> selection, open, I get the message
> 'Multiple Rows in singleton select'
> 'Check Keylinks + JoinLinks properties'
> Due too Primary Key restraints, Multiple row with same cType can't
> exists :)
> Keylink, Autodefine only picks up cName ..
> Only after changing the Query to
> 'Select * from Lookup where cType = :cType' does IBO
> pickup cType + cName as Keylink and the Lookup table
> works correct multiple reopens with different values
> for :cType.
> Why does TIBOtable needs Keylinks on new ReadOnly Query and if so,
> why do the keylinks have to be part of the selected fields on
> a ReadOnly Query?
> Is this by design or may have stumbled on a difficulty ?
> Best Regards
> Hans