Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: EULA database comparison restrictions
Author David K. Trudgett
On Wednesday 2002-03-27 at 19:42:26 -0000, csswa wrote:
> --- In ib-support@y..., "David K. Trudgett" <dkt@r...> wrote:
> > BTW, did you know that Oracle forbids database comparisons in its
> > EULA? Unbelievable. Makes it look like they have something to hide,
> > doesn't it?
> I believe it's the same for MS SQL server. I spent some time
> recently on the net trying to gather server comparison specs. All I
> could turn up was...
> "According to KeyLabs of Provo, Utah [the country's largest
> independent testing company for this kind of product], InterBase is
> 6.5 times faster than SQL Server on average. Tests were done using
> WinNT 4.0 on databases of up to 600,000 records, and up to 100 users."

These sponsored comparisons I generally find to be of very little
interest, unfortunately. It seems to me that given enough motivation
and cleverness, one could make any database look better than any
other, while still appearing superficially objective.

At the end of the day, it matters not how fast a tuned database can
select tuned data from a tuned table structure. Instead, it matters
how particular RDBMSs actually help to implement real life systems
with the required performance. Anything else is frosting.

David Trudgett