Subject Re: Transliterate
Author rolandv_ipro
--- In ib-support@y..., Didier Gasser-Morlay <Didiergm@n...> wrote:
> To add to what I just expleindex I have now created a table
> /* Table: TESTCHAR */
> F1 CHAR (10) charactset none ,
> F2 CHAR (10) character set WIN1250 collate WIN1250);
> The db has been created in marathon. using WIN1252 as db-wide whar
> I have tried inserting from ISQL.EXE OK if I pou some accedted
chars in
> F1, not with F2.
> Wth a window bases app not able to see my recors ('cannot
> transliter...'). This message happens in gmarathon, when I try to
> the data itslef , not a sub-part of the invoice.

I have the same Problem, and here are some details I found on
analysing the situation:

1. I can read the data containing special german chars out of the
fields defined with charset WIN1252 (it's for german text) only then,
when i define the charset of the connection to the database also as

2. If I use WIN1252 in the connection, then I can't get data of char
fields declared with charset NONE containing binary data. This only
works, if I declare the connection with charset NONE (but then I
can't access the german texts ...)

3. The Problem occurs not only with MARATHON, but also with IBEXPERT,
IBACCESS, IBADMIN3 and IB_SQL. The only tool which seems to work is
Mitech's IBQUERY.

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