Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Transliterate
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
""rolandv_ipro"" <r.volkmann@...> wrote in message
> 1. I can read the data containing special german chars out of the
> fields defined with charset WIN1252 (it's for german text) only then,
> when i define the charset of the connection to the database also as
> WIN1252.

This is AS DESIGNED. You should connect with the charset that matches your
field or with a charset that's compatible. Compatible means that engine's
tables allow jumping from one charset to another; otherwise, transliteration
As a general rule, you shouldn't use NONE if you have non-ASCII charsets to
address in the same connection.

> 2. If I use WIN1252 in the connection, then I can't get data of char
> fields declared with charset NONE containing binary data. This only
> works, if I declare the connection with charset NONE (but then I
> can't access the german texts ...)

NONE only can fit safely the range 0..127 of the ASCII table. Anything above
is not normated, can't be translated to another charset and can't be
translated to unicode. Again, this is as designed. NONE picks the charset of
the connection.
If you want true binary data, use charset BINARY. BINARY is the same than

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