Subject Transliterate
Author Didier Gasser-Morlay
To add to what I just expleindex I have now created a table

/* Table: TESTCHAR */

F1 CHAR (10) charactset none ,
F2 CHAR (10) character set WIN1250 collate WIN1250);

The db has been created in marathon. using WIN1252 as db-wide whar set.

I have tried inserting from ISQL.EXE OK if I pou some accedted chars in
F1, not with F2.

Wth a window bases app not able to see my recors ('cannot
transliter...'). This message happens in gmarathon, when I try to view
the data itslef , not a sub-part of the invoice.

Any ideas, pointer to a good reading ...) will be very welcomed.