Subject error: cannot transliterate
Author didiergm

I have a fundamental problem with understanding the character set
features in FB/IB:

Trying to enter a รถ (german O + umlaut or double dots hexa \x0F6) in a
field defined as WIN1252 or ISO8859_1 or ISO8859_2 works from fine
delphi using SQl-direct objects.

When using IBConsole, Marathon, or IBACCESS to insert manually into
the same table I get the dreaded 'cannot transliterate' error message.

This is with FB 1.0 running on windows

I must add that my customer tried the same thing under Linux and than
he experienced NO problems.

This is a real pain because we are converting all it's data from
several old systems to FB

My needs are simple: I need to be able to enter english, french,
german (at least) characters both using SQL inserts from ISQL & my app
written in D6.

How can I achieve this ?