Subject Re: error: cannot transliterate
Author Aage Johansen
didiergm wrote:
> I have a fundamental problem with understanding the character set
> features in FB/IB:=20
> Trying to enter a =F6 (german O + umlaut or double dots hexa \x0F6) in a
> field defined as WIN1252 or ISO8859_1 or ISO8859_2 works from fine
> delphi using SQl-direct objects.=20
> When using IBConsole, Marathon, or IBACCESS to insert manually into
> the same table I get the dreaded 'cannot transliterate' error message.

When you connect with IBConsole, which character set did you specify?
If no character set was specified at all, the error should not be unexpected.
Try with IB_SQL ( - choose ISO8859_1 before connecting (I
don't use IBConsole much ...).

Aage J.