Subject Re: version 1.0.2 destroys isc4.gdb
Author Aage Johansen
Bert Hughes wrote:
> Something like that almost worked. I was able to restore to a new file,
> like you said, as long as the working directory was not interbase (fb) home.
> The users are there - but nothing can change - both IBConsole and Interbase
> Workbench are unable to read the file. I've run through backup and restore
> a few times now. Basically, whether you should use the -user -password
> params appears to be random. Sometimes that works, sometimes you have to
> leave it off. No doubt this is completely unreplicatable - before I even
> began working on the production machine, I had tried the upgrade on a
> simulation machine. Similar problems getting isc4.gdb back, but after
> trying about eight or nine different things, including monkeying with
> password in /etc/init.d/firebird, it came back, and no problems reading &
> setting users with IBConsole & Workbench.
> This is very, very bad. I would strongly recommend that no one upgrade
> until this problem is fixed.

Do you have environment variables (ISC_USER and ISC_PASSWORD) defined -
this might explain if -user/-password sometimes work (and aometimes not)
when isc4.gdb has been changed/replaced.

What do you mean by "both IBConsole and Interbase Workbench are unable
to read the file"?
If you have a valid isc4.gdb (and the corresponding password for SYSDBA)
you should be able to connect to the restored database (with IBC, IBW
and other tools).
[I've (later) seen your other message (... - beyond strange). Well, I'm
out of ideas. Maybe Martijn (author of IBW) can explain]

Some time ago I upgraded from Fb/0.9.5 to Fb/1.0(821), and the
restore/rename procedure worked fine (maybe my explanation was a bit off
on some detail, but I think you understood the intention).
It would certainly be a surprise if Fb/1.0.2 is any different (but I
haven't tried...).

Aage J.