Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: ODBC Driver for FB
Author Rob Schuff

I cannot say anything about the ibphoenix driver. I've never even tried to
use it. And unfortunately I've never tried an MSWord setup. I'm guessing
though that you need to go into the ODBC utility (in control panel) and
setup your DSN first. You have to setup your datasource in the ODBC control
panel applet first before you can use it elsewhere....

good luck.


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Subject: [ib-support] Re: ODBC Driver for FB

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> > we've had great success with the easysoft driver...
> >
> > rob
> Well, I've installed the IBPhoenix ones, but I'm new of ODBC, and I
> can't make it work with Word (mail merge).
> When I open the "data source", the open window does not have the
> choice of GBD data file...
> How do you have to set the ODBC driver?
> Any trick in M$ Word?
> I've found NOTHING in NG about that subject :(
> thanks
> Marco Menardi
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