Subject Re: [ib-support] One isc4.gdb to each GDB
Author Luciano RM
Ok, understood.



Luciano RM
Igarapava - São Paulo - Brazil

Daniel Rail escreveu:
> Hi,
>>Hi Martijn,
>>If I understood, the IBExpert use the default isc4 to log into
>>the server process and the one in the path chose by me to log
>>the other users.
>>So, the goal of this resource is just create a single isc4 with
>>only the users of the Alias?
> Firebird only uses one isc4.gdb for all the databases that are on one
> server. IB Expert simply asks you where is located that isc4.gdb for
> each alias, because it retrieves information from it for the Grant
> Manager, so you can set/revoke access rights for each databases, in a
> way that it is easy to do. The other reason IB Expert asks you that
> path for each aliases is that the database can be on another server
> and the path for isc4.gdb that is specified is the one on the other
> server.
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