Subject Re[2]: [ib-support] One isc4.gdb to each GDB
Author Daniel Rail

> Hi Martijn,

> If I understood, the IBExpert use the default isc4 to log into
> the server process and the one in the path chose by me to log
> the other users.

> So, the goal of this resource is just create a single isc4 with
> only the users of the Alias?

Firebird only uses one isc4.gdb for all the databases that are on one
server. IB Expert simply asks you where is located that isc4.gdb for
each alias, because it retrieves information from it for the Grant
Manager, so you can set/revoke access rights for each databases, in a
way that it is easy to do. The other reason IB Expert asks you that
path for each aliases is that the database can be on another server
and the path for isc4.gdb that is specified is the one on the other

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