Subject RE: [ib-support] Re: version 1.0.2 destroys isc4.gdb
Author Bert Hughes

Something like that almost worked. I was able to restore to a new file,
like you said, as long as the working directory was not interbase (fb) home.
The users are there - but nothing can change - both IBConsole and Interbase
Workbench are unable to read the file. I've run through backup and restore
a few times now. Basically, whether you should use the -user -password
params appears to be random. Sometimes that works, sometimes you have to
leave it off. No doubt this is completely unreplicatable - before I even
began working on the production machine, I had tried the upgrade on a
simulation machine. Similar problems getting isc4.gdb back, but after
trying about eight or nine different things, including monkeying with
password in /etc/init.d/firebird, it came back, and no problems reading &
setting users with IBConsole & Workbench.

This is very, very bad. I would strongly recommend that no one upgrade
until this problem is fixed.

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Subject: [ib-support] Re: version 1.0.2 destroys isc4.gdb

Bert Hughes wrote:
> I haven't been able to recover the user database (isc4.gdb) since
> to fb 1.0.2. The copy the rpm saves in /tmp is useless. I thought I was
> being clever by gbak-ing isc4.gdb before upgrading, but it doesn't
> because you can't connect to the password database! Is the intent of
> to allow only SYSDBA/masterkey, always and forever? I can't do it the
> way by recreating users through IBWorkbench or IBConsole either.
> (Unrecognized parameter block; unable to retreive user list).

1. Try to use gbak with SYSDBA/masterkey to restore
your _backup_ of isc4.gdb to e.g. isc4-X.gdb
2. Rename the newly installed isc4.gdb to isc4-Y.gdb.
3. Rename the newly restored isc4-X.gdb to isc4.gdb.
If necessary, move it to the correct directory.

You should now be able to use all the old usernames/passwords.

Aage J.

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