Subject Re: [ib-support] primary key not enforced after recreating the table
Author David Garamond
Ann W. Harrison wrote:
> Likewise, I'm sure. After you run the program for the second
> time, can you insert duplicates with ISQL?

yes i can.

after reading a recent thread on firebird-devel ("Firebird bug"), i am
now pretty sure that this is a bug. and it seems to be fixed in 1.5.

sadly though, it looks that the current DBD::InterBase and kinterbasdb
doesn't work stably with 1.5. for example, when there is no table T and
i issue a 'DROP TABLE T', GPF is resulted. (i only test on windows. the
1.5 linux rpm is apparently built only for rh 8.0 so i can't install it).

(can't wait for fb2... i want to ./configure && make my own fb on linux :-)