Subject Re: Performance
Author Aage Johansen
Todd B. wrote:
> Our application has some processes that run for an extended period of
> time(up to 4 or 5 hours) as there is alot of complicated calculations.
> These processes are written with Stored Procedures (One main
> procedure that may call many other procedures.)
> We are experiencing problems where when these procedures are running,
> they take over the server. IBServer shows it is taking 99% of the CPU
> causing all other users to virtually stop when trying to access the
> server.
> We experience a similiar problem when users run complicated queries.

Long-running tasks (at least on Windows) seem to hog the cpu so that other
tasks are slowed down. This may be more evident hen 'everything' is run as
one or more SP's than when the clients run seroes of small tasks. I
haven't tested lately, but I've found that letting the client "interfere"
will let everyone get a timely piece of the cake - and it keeps people happy.
Maybe a multi-cpu server running Firebird CS on Linux would be a better
choice (compared to Windows).
It is claimed that IB/7 handles this a lot better than previous versions.

Aage J.