Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Performance
Author Daniel Rail

Comments below:

TB> So much for Client Server.

Not necessarily. Take a look at a n-tier architecture.

TB> This application is a rewrite of a Clipper / DBF (DOS Application)
TB> Version and an AS/400 version. I thought the benefit of Client Server
TB> was that you could send a request to the server and the server would
TB> do the processing without having to bring all the data across the
TB> network to the client machine. Reducing network traffic would mean
TB> better performance. The Clipper / DBF application could run the same
TB> process in 9 minutes that now takes 3 hours. If we re-wrote the
TB> entire process in C++ then it would allow the Client Machine to do
TB> the work but would defeat the purpose of being Client Server. I was
TB> hoping that writing the process in C++ and running it on the server
TB> would increase performance without having to increase Network Traffic.

You can write the process and run it on the server or use another
server to run your process. The client would connect to the process
to get it going and your process would make the necessary
queries/updates to the server. This way your process would become a
server by itself in a n-tier architecture. I program in Delphi, so I
wouldn't be in a position to help on how to build the n-tier service.

TB> Is it possible to add another server? Can two servers serve the same
TB> database?

Unfortunately, I don't think 2 servers can serve the same database.
But using n-tier, it's possible to use multiple servers for different

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