Subject adding time
Author duilio_fos
Take the time an employee works in a day (always different, as he
works by shifts) and store it in a table column, say as a float.

In order to compute the hours an employee has worked in a month,
one needs to add the column values starting from the first day of the
month up to the last day.

The result of the

select sum(...) from Table1 where ...

is a float that can be easily (programmatically) converted into the
logical hhh:mm format.

However one can wish to do a lot of queries on the table:

1. how many hours did employee X work as a foreman ?
2. how many hours did employee X work at company Y site ?
3. how many hours did employee X work at a given task ?
etc etc

The queries one can possibly do are limitless.

This makes me want to provide my customer with a QBE product.

Is there a QBE product (free or commercial) that could do the
conversion from the float result of the sum into the hhh:mm human
readable format ?

Or do you have better ideas re the _column_ format ?


Duilio Foschi