Subject Replication WAS re: IB security
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:12 AM 02-08-01 +0200, Svein wrote:

>IBO 4 has a "replication kit" which should work with both Interbase and
>Firebird (but you need Delphi, C++ or Kylix (Kylix isn't quite finished
>yet)). Licencing costs $89.50 (provided it is for commercial use and that
>you can afford it), which I think gives you the right to use it in a
>production environment for one year (and then you have to submit new funds
>if you continue to develop using it).

That is not quite correct. You only need to resubscribe if you want to keep getting upgrades. One subscription will cover you for life if you just stick with the version that is current when your subscription expires.

>There are no royalties to be paid
>when selling your program - unless your customer wants the source code for
>the replication kit itself. Take a look at

There are no royalties to be paid under any circumstances. You customers don't have to pay for right of use. You can supply the source code with your application but you have to include the headers and the Trustware licence details. Then, if your customer wants to do development on your product herself, or get another developer in to do it, she is obliged to redeem her obligations under Trustware and pay up. That's why it is called Trustware.


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