Subject Balancing indexes
Author H. Th. van der Meer
We have an application that uses generated (sequential) numbers as primary
keys. We have noticed that the application slows down after a while. We have
also noticed that it returns to full speed when we perform a backup/restore.
We assume this is because the indexes are re-balanced. We need to do this
once a week.

At this moment we are thinking about a web interface to the database that is
used by our application. To perform the backup/restore sequence it is
necessary to take the database offline. This wasn't a problem because we
could do this when the offices are closed. But when the application is put
on the web is it accessible 24hrs a day. Taking it offline (for about 15
minutes) isn't very professional.

There for I have some questions:

1 Is the backup/restore procedure the only way to rebalance primary keys? As
far as I know it is not possible to deactivate/activate primary keys.

2 Is it possible to see how de-balanced the indexes are? I know there are
some statistic modules by I don't not how to read the data.

3 How do other interbase-based applications that use the web say online for
24hrs a day 7 days a week?

4 Any other suggestions?

Henk van der Meer