Subject IB security
Author lobolo2000
I feel security is a weak point in IB/FB armor (correct me if am wrong). Can
anybody comment on these points:

- Does IB/FB metadata (especially stored procedures code) have to be
available to anyone who has access to the database? What if the database
developer does not want the source code to be available?
- The database data and metadata can be viewed by anybody having a backup
copy of the database if that person has administrator rights on any IB/FB
- The password is 32 characters long, but only the first 8 are significant
(though it is case sensitive).
- I am not sure about this point: can anybody who has physical access to the
gdb file copy it to another computer where he has administrator rights and
log into the database?

Finally, what are the bugs plaguing stored procedures in IB/FB, and is there
a fix soon?


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