Subject Re: [ib-support] RE: IB security
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
>Does the SQLDA bug hit when using TQuery.ExecSQL (with executable SQL
>statement such as INSERT) as well, or does it apply only to stored

I don't think so. I never use TQuery, but have had no problems using insert
statements with IBO.

>Are there any plans to have an open source replication engine for Firebird?
>If not, is there any royalty free replicator (does not need to be freeware)

IBO 4 has a "replication kit" which should work with both Interbase and
Firebird (but you need Delphi, C++ or Kylix (Kylix isn't quite finished
yet)). Licencing costs $89.50 (provided it is for commercial use and that
you can afford it), which I think gives you the right to use it in a
production environment for one year (and then you have to submit new funds
if you continue to develop using it). There are no royalties to be paid
when selling your program - unless your customer wants the source code for
the replication kit itself. Take a look at