Subject Re: [ib-support] what is the max no of concurrent user for firebird (classis server) interbase.
Author Paul Reeves
Tommy Toh wrote:
> i'm doing a project with (classis server) firebird interbase and the
> final usage will requried a few hundreds of user concurrent
> connecting to the database.
> so here anyone had implemented firebird that has a smilar enviroment
> as my.
> by the way where can i the white paper for firebird(classis server)
> that decscripe the no. of con-current user.

The classic server is not suited to large numbers of concurrent connections,
although I believe there are some HP-UX boxes out there that are achieving this.

What hardware are you planning to implement on? If it is a Linux box with a
single processor I would suggest that you go with the Super Server version,
rather than Classic. If it is multi-processor and has a SCSI 3 raid array you
might find that Classic will be able to support that number of users.

In general it is recommended that you use some kind of middle tier connection
pooling under these circumstances. That is how most developers (for most
databases servers, in fact) support large numbers of concurrent users.



Paul Reeves
taking InterBase further