Subject Re: what is the max no of concurrent user for firebird (classis server) interbase.
Author Tommy Toh
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> Tommy Toh wrote:
> >
> > i'm doing a project with (classis server) firebird interbase and
> > final usage will requried a few hundreds of user concurrent
> > connecting to the database.
> > so here anyone had implemented firebird that has a smilar
> > as my.
> > by the way where can i the white paper for firebird(classis
> > that decscripe the no. of con-current user.
> The classic server is not suited to large numbers of concurrent
> although I believe there are some HP-UX boxes out there that are
achieving this.
> What hardware are you planning to implement on? If it is a Linux
box with a
> single processor I would suggest that you go with the Super Server
> rather than Classic. If it is multi-processor and has a SCSI 3 raid
array you
> might find that Classic will be able to support that number of
> In general it is recommended that you use some kind of middle tier
> pooling under these circumstances. That is how most developers (for
> databases servers, in fact) support large numbers of concurrent
> Paul
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> Paul Reeves
> taking InterBase further

hi i'm using sun solaris. i'm using multi-processor. basically
interbase has to be access by at least 2 or 3 hundreds concurrent
connecttion vi the web, expecting more during peak season.