Subject Re: [ib-support] Database Size(after sweep)
Author Chef
Hi Orlando,

IB still does the garbage collection but it doesn't give the disk space back
to the OS because allocating new space when new records have to be written
is very time consuming. So after a sweep the not needed disk space isn't
released but reserved by IB for later use.
You still can do a backup and restore over the database to get the initial
size of the .gdb file.


At 04:00 23.02.2001 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi to all,
>I'm new in interbase 6.0, and I remeber that in interbase 5.1:
>if I had initially, my database size was 3MB(approximately), until here, all
>is very well.(with interbase 6.0)
>I work in my database(inserting, updating, deleting, ....)... my database
>size grew up to 10MB...
>(still, until here, all is very well).
>Then, I do a 'truncate table mytable', then I used the sweep command in IB
>Console, and my database go back to the size that have originally(3MB), but
>in interbase 6.0 size until is 10MB.
>In interbase 5.1, I remeber, that when I did a sweep, over my database, the
>database size was of the original size again, but with interbase 6.0 doesn't
>happen this way.
>what can I do for my database be of the initial size?
>(only the gbak is the option?)
>Thanks in advance.