Subject Database Size(after sweep)
Author Orlando Jimenez
Hi to all,

I'm new in interbase 6.0, and I remeber that in interbase 5.1:

if I had initially, my database size was 3MB(approximately), until here, all
is very well.(with interbase 6.0)

I work in my database(inserting, updating, deleting, ....)... my database
size grew up to 10MB...

(still, until here, all is very well).

Then, I do a 'truncate table mytable', then I used the sweep command in IB
Console, and my database go back to the size that have originally(3MB), but
in interbase 6.0 size until is 10MB.

In interbase 5.1, I remeber, that when I did a sweep, over my database, the
database size was of the original size again, but with interbase 6.0 doesn't
happen this way.

what can I do for my database be of the initial size?
(only the gbak is the option?)

Thanks in advance.

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