Subject Interbase Db Recovery
Author Bill Katelis

Database recovery has become a really big issue with our clients at the

My manager is proposing a oracle/linux solution due to its ability of
transaction logging/journaling.

At the moment I perform hourly online backups and we have inbuilt
auditing routines which audit
to a flat file. Platform SCO/IB 5.5.

Our problem is that our clients are asking for <1 hour downtime with NO
loss of data in case of system/hardware failure.

I have heard a Replication Server mentioned.
Is this still on the cards? Can it help us?

Is using shadowing on to a different disk a better solution? (Raid5

Moving to linux/IB6 is a given - so please answer with this in mind.

I really do not want to move away from IB as I believe its advantages
are plenty !!!!

thanks for you help