Subject Re: [ib-support] ODBC Driver & Certified IB Version
Author Paul Reeves
"Robert F. Tulloch" wrote:
> Hi:
> Sent an inquiry to Borland on Certified Version and:
> Dear Sir,


I think I like this quote:

> In the Open Source market there are
> many developers but the testing and certification is often very unstable
> and often at a very low level.

Although this one is pretty good:

> To ensure our customers are getting the
> best possible product Borland runs hours of tests and benchmarks to make
> sure that the product stands up to what is promised. With a mature and
> dedicated R&D team we are able to fix any issues that come up before we
> release and also help our customers when errors in the code present
> themselves, this alone is a added value when your data is at stake. In

Let's see - IB6.0 development freezed around Summer 1999. It would/should have
been ready for a Feb 2000 release. It was finally released in Summer 2000. This
dedicated and highly paid team have had well over 18 months to run these tests.
They must be even more rigourous than the v5 QA cycle.

> Jon Arthur


Paul Reeves
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